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Thanks for stopping by! There is plenty to check out here on this fancy ol’ website of mine, including updates on all my projects. This megalomaniacal forray into my head is a place where I can keep all my stuff, and in the event that it goes from just a place that my mom accidentally Googles her way to and actually becomes a place where fans congregate for info (because that would mean I have fans!), Then I’ll feel I have actually made it and all my dreams came true! Until then, hold your breath and cross your fingers (okay, don’t actually do that! You’re endangering your health), and come along with me on this wacky journey to fame and mild self-sufficiency!



Ben Aaronovitch

Well, my friend, you are in luck! I’ve got an archive for the WHAT I’M DOING section of my homepage! Click on the old photo below and delve into guilty pleasures gone by!

Interested in what I do with my spare time?

A Deep Dark Pit of Despair is available now!

This book was recommended to me a long time ago, and though I’ve only just cracked it open, I thought I would share it now before I got sucked in! A better review of this novel is forthcoming!




Every subsequent album from these Florida rockers has been even better than the first, making it hard to listen to my old favorites by these guys when a new album drops, because it’s just so good! Which is probably why this one was so disappointing. It’s not bad, it just feels uninspired. The title might be a play on the risk Shinedown took with this slight departure, but I’m not giving up yet! A few more listens are in order.



Disney (1998)

I admit it: I have a weakness for swords, musicals, and cartoons, so obviously I’m a fan of Mulan! I found myself watching this on Netflix after YouTubing the clip of I’ll Make a Man Out Of You. Trivia Time: Did you know that Jackie Chan does several music videos of this song in different Chinese dialects? The huts just keep on coming!


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A Deep Dark Pit of Despair

by Ryan R. Reilly

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