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That's all, folks! (for now...)

Oh no! What does this vile fiend have in store for Elephant Man? Where did that sneeze send Glue Boy? What is the fate of New Bean? What is the point of Danger Dude??

Stay tuned, intrepid readers! Your heroes will be back in a few months with the official launch of RY OF ALL TRADES. In addition to The Big Pea-Nutty Adventures of Elephant Man & Glue Boy, Reilly Comics will also be releasing Fire Marshals, Chickens of Justice, and Feeble Quest! On top of these, there is a novel going through the final phase of editing, a promised sequel starring a theoretical pirate, and—if schedules will ever align—a documentary or two.

So I hope you enjoyed this teaser of things to come. I’m actively searching for the best way to host these comics on the web for easy viewing as well as planning on releasing each of them in print and ePub format for you to add to your collections. I’m going to back to work now, as these comics aren’t going to finish themselves!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check this all out!



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